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Short documentary films and multimedia installations for museums and other organisations and for community events

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River Medicine (10.4mb 3'39”)
One of a series of river stories from across the Murray Darling Basin, created for the Centenary of Canberra One River project. Here, long-time “river people” Ray and Sandy Alchin describe the pleasures of a life spent beside (usually) slow-moving waters.
(For other films from this project see:
http://oneriver.com.au/malcolm-mckinnons-one-river-films/ )
© Malcolm McKinnon, 2013

    Making Dust (trailer) (9.9mb 2'10”)
A half-hour documentary film telling the surprising story of a rock musical and theatre show about a deadly subject – asbestos. Making Dust is a story of unlikely creative collaborations and about the power of theatre to unite and inspire.
See: http://www.paperbackbooks.com.au/books/162623/Art-and-Social-Change--Dust--A-Case-Study
© Reckless Eye Productions, 2013
    Seriously Singing (trailer) (7.7mb 3’08”)
This half-hour documentary relates the unlikely but inspiring story of choral conductor Jessie Carmichael taking a group of children at Lake Boga Primary School to win national acclaim at the Commonwealth Jubilee Choral Festival in 1951. Seriously Singing is a film about the surprising resonance of history and the capacity of young singers to exceed all expectations, including their own.
Seriously Singing is available on DVD through Ronin Films. See: http://www.roninfilms.com.au/video/858/0/6377.html
© Malcolm McKinnon, 2011
    Legendary Appearances (8.5mb 3’30”)
The Gaiety Theatre in Zeehan, on Tasmania’s wild west coast, has been the site of many gala events. Here, Zeehan locals relate differing views about the appearance of various artistic luminaries in a far-gone era of contested memory. Developed in collaboration with Bernard Lloyd for exhibition at the West Coast Pioneers Museum, Zeehan. Tasmania.
(For some other films from this project see: http://open.abc.net.au/openregions/tas-north-west-82BO2Uo/posts/the-gaeity-theatre-gets-the-dancing-started-19WJ9Ih )
© No Flicker Films, 2010
    The Price of Paradise (9.8mb 4’10”)
One of a series of films presenting personal understandings and difficult truths about the role of fire within particular Victorian environments.
© Malcolm McKinnon & Regional Arts Victoria, 2010
For more films from this collection see http://www.cv.vic.gov.au/stories/illuminated-by-fire/
    Roasting the Rabbit (13.4mb 5’36”)
One of two films about “feral foods” produced with storytellers in Quorn, South Australia, as part of a filmmaker in residence project.
© Malcolm McKinnon, 2010
For more information see: www.everydishtellsastory.com.au/?p=576
Sea of Faces (6.9mb 2'53)
One of a large series of films created for Memory Bank, an ongoing project to record personal stories of changing places across Geelong and surrounding areas.
All of the Memory Bank stories can be viewed here:http://www.geelongaustralia.com.au/connectingidentities/index2.html
© Malcolm McKinnon & City of Greater Geelong , 2008


    The Sound of Music at Finniss Springs [13mb 5'30"]
One of a series of films for the South Australian Museum and the Marree Arabunna Peoples' Committee, telling stories of life at Finniss Springs Aboriginal Mission.
© Malcolm McKinnon & Marree Arabunna Peoples' Committee, 2007

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    Grey Ghosts (excerpt) (4.9mb 2'01”)
A film created for the exhibition Walk, Talk & Chalk at City Gallery, Melbourne Town Hall, concerned with the history and culture of parking enforcement in the city of Melbourne.
and https://vimeo.com/10858778
© Malcolm McKinnon & City of Melbourne, 2007

Blandowski's Specimens (excerpt) [8.5mb 3'25]
A film about the legacies from an 1857 scientific expedition to the Murray and Darling Rivers, created for an exhibition by Mildura Arts Centre and Museum Victoria.
© Malcolm McKinnon & Mildura Arts Centre, 2007


Champion Produce (9.9mb 2'01”)
One of a series of films interpreting the history and culture of the Horsham Agricultural Show, commissioned for Meeting Place, the Australian regional arts conference, 2004.
© Malcolm McKinnon, 2004

  click to view   Some Nukunu Words [7.52mb 3'12"]
One of nine films created for a permanent exhibition titled Nunkunu- stories of heritage & identity at Melrose Museum in South Australia. Created in collaboration with the Nukunu Peoples' Council and Melrose & Districts Historical Society, 2003 - 2006.
© Nukunu People's Council, 2005
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